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Meditations and Recordings

This is a short mindfulness meditation, designed to re-set your nervous system in just 5 or 6 minutes. Try and find a private space, close your eyes, and take this brief time away from your to-do list. For the rest of your day, you'll feel more relaxed, grateful, and resilient if you take these few moments for yourself. Click the link above to watch on youtube.

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This is a body scan and gratitude meditation that can you bring you into a deep state of release and relaxation, and then open up your heart to the beauty in your own life. Click the link above to watch on youtube.

RAIN meditations are powerful tools for bringing mindfulness and compassion to emotional difficulty. Use this meditation to release feelings of anger, shame, or reactivity. Click the link above to watch on youtube.

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This is one of my favorite meditations: a Mind Like the Sky meditation. I've create this one especially for folks with pain, illness, and discomfort. If you suffer from chronic illness or pain, please give this meditation a try. Click the link above to watch on youtube.

This 9-10 minute mindfulness video can calm you down, even when you're right in the middle of the fear and anxiety that is a panic attack. With guided breathing and mindfulness exercises, you'll calm yourself, relax, and feel your fear and panic disappear. Click the link above.

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